December 6, 2023


The rewards of forging your own path as a “solopreneur” or small business owner are great…but so are the challenges.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re ready to take the leap and start a business, but you don’t know where to start.  How should you set up your office? What supplies will you need? How will you keep track of finances?

Or, your business is booming—fantastic! However, you’re behind in your bookkeeping, you’re drowning in paper, and your office is out of control.  You need a better system. Now.

As a small business owner, you juggle multiple roles. Without well-defined systems, schedules and sound organization, the boundary between work and home quickly blurs, leading to competing priorities, stress, and that frustrating hamster-on-the-wheel sense that you will never catch up.

Smart business owners recognize when it’s time to get some help. 

Timeline Organizing Consultants specializes in making your work-life easier. We’re experts at setting up systems, so that there’s never any question as to who-does-what, what-goes-where, and  how-much-money-is-being-made.

Setting up office systems creates routine, diminishes stress, and allows you, the business owner, to focus on what you do best. In short, the better organized you are, the better your chance of growing a flourishing, fulfilling business that you love.  After all, isn’t that the reason you answered the entrepreneurial call in the first place?

If you’re ready to to invest in creating a more manageable work-life, let’s talk.