June 25, 2024

Introducing Featured Business Profiles

I’ve been busy lately, beyond organizing offices and the inevitable paper piles.  I’ve been on the hunt, networking like crazy, and turning to the connectors in my life. (Readers of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point will recognize the term.)  My quarry? Small, primarily home-based business owners who have answered the entrepreneurial call.

 This week, I’ll be introducing Timeline Organizing Consultants’ first Featured Business.  This is my way of giving a brief shout-out to solopreneurs who are out there making things happen, sharing their expertise with the world, and building their future, one day at a time.

Twice a month, you’ll be meeting individuals from all walks of life: designers, artists, educators, coaches, foodies, and many more.  I’m starting locally, but thinking globally—my first few profiles will focus on people I personally know, however distantly.  Expect a heavy dose of “mompreneurs,” a demographic near and dear to me.  These individuals (or partners) will be at different stages in their entrepreneurial journey, from start-up, to gaining-momentum, to out-and-out unstoppable.  Each has a story to tell.  And though my profiles will be brief, you’ll definitely want to click through to their sites, to learn more about their work and their offerings. 

The Featured Business entrepreneurs are not affiliates of mine, meaning, I don’t profit on bringing them to your attention. I endorse their products and services, of course, but more than that, I’m inspired by their creativity, or passion, or chutzpah.  These are businesses with heart and ambition—the most winning of combinations, as far as I’m concerned.

I have about three months’ worth of Featured Business profiles lined up; beyond that, I’m open.  I’m excited about all the business owners— strangers, at the moment—that I’ll be connecting with in the near future.  I’ll be asking for your help, too.  So, start thinking of the inspiring people in your circle who have taken the entrepreneurial leap of faith, and let me know about them.